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Dave is no stranger to public service; he is currently serving his second term as President of the Jackson County Council, Jackson County REMC board of Directors, Jackson County Redevelopment Commission, Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation, and as a Special Deputy with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Dave has also served on the Owen Township Advisory Board, the Emergency Management Board, and the

Ambulance Board. 


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Stop Government Overreach

Annexation should be voluntary. Involuntary annexation puts an unfair burden on property owners that do not want to be annexed. It requires them to gather thousands of signatures and spend tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to defend themselves. The burden should always be on the municipality.


Our communities have been losing the battle against drug abuse and mental health issues for years.  One of Dave's proudest accomplishments on the county council has been his role in helping to start the Jackson-Jennings Work Release Center.  When an inmate just sits in jail they get very little rehabilitation and are a financial burden to taxpayers. The work release center will help empower inmates to stand on their own and give them the tools to remove the hurdles in front of them, while having little to no impact on taxpayers. In the work release center inmates pay a fee for each day they are in the facility as well as paying for all their food, personal items and healthcare.  Inmates have left the facility with anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 in their checking accounts.  Enough money for deposit, rent, transportation

and a fridge full of groceries.

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Access to high speed internet has become a necessity in today's world.  In 2018, at the request of members, the Jackson County REMC started offering high speed fiber internet direct to the home. To date, they have invested over $80 Million and connected more than 9,000 homes. This project has connected rural Indiana to the rest of the world and has drastically improved the quality of life for the members.  The REMC serves over 20,000 households in parts of 10 Southern Indiana counties, including Brown, Monroe and Jackson. As an REMC Director, Dave understands how important high-speed reliable internet is to all Hoosiers and will continue to be an advocate for the underserved once in the statehouse.

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